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Exploiting the possibilities of technology such as online videos, chat rooms, email, video conferencing and virtual discussion boards, several universities and academies offer aviation degrees online. There are online degrees available in a wide range of specialisations such as Aviation Business Administration, Aviation Maintenance, Aviation Safety, Aeronautical Science, Airport Management, Aviation Finance, Aerospace Engineering and Air Traffic Management. Although you can earn your aviation degrees online, it is usually necessary to supplement your education with hand-on training. To ensure high educational standards, always make sure to choose an online course provided by an accredited institution. The best choice will be an institution accredited by Aviation Accreditation Board International.

Very often, online courses work as a preparatory training to face much more rigorous hands-on training either before you enter an aviation profession or in an entry level position. Some online course credits can be used towards advanced aviation studies. If you are already employed in the aviation field, completing certain online courses can also increase your chances of promotion and a raise. There are online courses that provide training for both corporate and commercial pilots.

An Air Traffic Controller works at an airport and directs traffic. A bachelor’s degree or an associates degree earned online will qualify you to start at the entry level. You might need some hands-on training. However, your online school can usually help you with getting this training. An online degree in aviation management can qualify you to be an Aviation Manager. In this position you will be responsible for a number of aspects of aviation such as safety, maintenance report and finances. You can get a head start for a career as an Aviation Technician using an online degree. Aviation technicians are responsible for doing maintenance works on aircrafts. While on the job, you can supplement the knowledge gained through the online course. You can earn online a bachelor’s degree to become a commercial airline pilot. Many online course providers have partnerships with flight schools. This will make it easier for you to get the flight hours required to earn a licence. Getting an online degree in Air Transportation not only lets you work in an airport, but if you choose to, you can also work as a transportation analyst or an aviation transportation planner.

Aerospace engineers generally need a bachelor’s degree. Their job includes designing and constructing aircrafts. The online courses usually take from four to five years to complete. Many of the online courses available for Aerospace engineering are hybrid, incorporating on-campus training alone with the online elements. There are masters and research programs available online. Completing a PhD in a field of aviation can qualify you to be a professor. With an online associates degree you might be hired as a flight engineer by law enforcement agencies, the military or corporations. Someone who has a bachelor’s degree in airport management can become an Airport Manager, a Safety Officer, a Staff Manager or an Administrator. An airport management degree can help you earn 3–6 lakh rupees per year. A Bachelor of Science in Aviation can lead to a career as a Ground Operations Staff, Cargo Management Staff or Air Traffic Controller. Going on to specialise in a more specific field through a masters will, of course, improve your chances of being a successful candidate.

In addition to bachelors and masters degrees, there are also a number of diplomas and certificate courses in the field of aviation, available online. Such courses are often aimed at very specific jobs or very specific specialisations within a job. They can take as short a period as 6 months to finish, which is a better options for those who cannot spend 4-5 years in education. Diplomas leading to front office jobs and customer care positions are very popular. But there are also diplomas in fields such as Airport Management. The downside is that positions such as those of Airport Managers are very competitive and there are likely to be better qualified candidates. So, you will need to go for higher qualifications such as a Post Graduate Diploma. With a diploma, you can generally earn 2-4 lakhs a year. But diplomas in Cabin Crew and Ground Staff training can get you up to 6 lakhs per year. While there are numerous opportunities available in the aviation field, the higher up you aim at, the tighter is going to be the competition. An online course can give you an edge over others.

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Date 6 - 05 - 2017


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