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Fly High On Your Dreams

Exploiting the possibilities of technology such as online videos, chat rooms, email, video conferencing and virtual discussion boards, several universities and academies offer aviation degrees online. There are online degrees available in a wide range of specialisations such as Aviation Business Administration, Aviation Maintenance, Aviation Safety, Aeronautical Science, Airport Management, Aviation Finance, Aerospace Engineering and Air Traffic Management. Although you can earn your aviation degrees online, it is usually necessary to supplement your education with hand-on training. To ensure high educational standards, always make sure to choose an online course provided by an accredited institution. The best choice will be an institution accredited by Aviation Accreditation Board International.

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Date 06 - 05- 2017

General Aviation in India

The term ‘aviation’ may refer to civil aviation or general aviation. ‘Civil aviation’ usually means aviation related to the military, and government and private airline companies. Aircrafts by private owners, private companies, flying clubs, etc. come under general aviation. Indian general aviation is rapidly growing. Companies with their own aircrafts have an edge over their competitors as they can save on the time spent travelling from one place to another using airports with heavy traffic. Another advantage is that they can use their aircrafts to fly to destinations not served by civil aviation. Helicopters have a higher potential when compared to airlines as they can reach places that other aircrafts cannot.

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Date 17 - 05 - 2017

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